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Dominate Game


It is a multiuser step-by-step on-line strategy, the implementation of RISK, a famous board game. The game takes place on the world map, which is divided into continents and countries. At the beginning of a next move each player is provided with a certain quantity of armies, depending on the quantity of his countries. The player can attack and capture adjoining countries which belong to rivals.

The purpose of a game — to capture all countries on the map.


  • the game takes place in the Internet, the connection between players within the limits of one game is according to principles of P2P-network. It gives an opportunity to provide many games with the minimal load on main server;
  • a user may have a look at information about games on main server and join as a player to the game which is about to start; also he may watch the course of game other players have started already;
  • a user can create his own game;
  • the quantity of players in one game — from 2 to 6;
  • players may communicate with each other with the help of built-in system of instant messages;
  • the results of each game are kept on server; on the basis of these results the ratings of players are formed;
  • with the help of maps editor users can create their own maps, upload them on server and use during games.


  • Java SE 6;
  • Substance Java widget toolkit;
  • Apache Batik;
  • JXTA framework;
  • JavaServer Faces.