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PTM - Pupil Tracking Module


It's an informational system for swimming pools offices, which render service in organizing swimming courses for children. The system is intended for using by both — swimming pools employees (administration and instructors) and the clients (pupils and their parents).


  • making up the curriculum of training for different courses and timetable of lessons in groups;
  • storing pupils' personal data, managing registration order, taking pupils in for certain course and form;
  • an automated process of giving permits for swimming pools out to pupils (due to exchanging the data with POS-terminal) paying attention to timetable;
  • introducing the information about lessons attendance by pupils, fulfilling the curriculum, moving pupils to the next course etc;
  • getting reports about groups structure, lessons attendance, achievements, producing certificates about courses termination;
  • joining several PTM informational systems (with the help of specialized module) and centralization of processes of new pupils registration, editing and synchronization their personal data.


Due to its universality PTM may be well used not only for organizing swimming courses, but also for any other educational measures.


  • Apache Struts
  • JavaServer Pages
  • Oracle BC4J
  • Java Message Service
  • Java Web Services
  • Database: Oracle
  • Application Server: Oracle OC4J