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«Desyde GPS-Taxi» system is being successfully implemented in Lviv.

"Komfort Taxi", one of the most experienced taxi services in the passenger transportation market of Lviv region, introduced our system to automate order processing and drivers management.

At this stage, we have organised the work of dispatch and telephone operators with «Desyde GPS-Taxi» software and IP telephony. Currently we are trying to enable the connection of taxi drivers to the system using mobile terminals.


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In September 2010 the head of Chernivtsi Trolleybus Department Ivanichek I.A. made a decision to launch a pilot version of the Desyde GPS Tracker monitoring system on the trolleybus route № 1.

The system had to meet the following requirements: to receive the information about the location of trolleybuses in the real-time mode; to save and analyse the history of their movement; to control the speed rate; to receive the data on their passing of stops; to control how the trolleybuses adhere to the traffic schedule.

In December 2010 Desyde Ltd. already implemented this system by equipping 18 trolleybuses with GPS-trackers. Not only do they record the location of the vehicle but also, with the help of additional module, they are able to make audio announcements. The announcement of stops and other info messages definitely became an advantage of Desyde GPS Tracker system and it gained a high esteem from the residents and guests of the city.

At present the development of the system continues. The Desyde Ltd. employees are developing a system for data analysis and automatic report creation which would take into account specific features of the trolleybus department operation. The completion of such tasks takes a lot of time and effort but due to them the Desyde GPS Tracker monitoring system is constantly improving so that to meet all the expectations of our customers on the highest level possible.


Since July 2010, "Desyde GPS Service Taxi" system was implemented in a real work of a taxi dispatcher service "Chernivtsi".

Owing to the computerization of the whole process of the company work, this system facilitated greatly the work of telephonists, dispatchers and taxi drivers. As a result - the quality and speed of client servicing improved greatly. From the first days the system works, "Chernivtsi" taxi service clients noticed and appreciated the innovation in its work - quicker car search, voice menu for receiving orders automatically, automatic notice about the car coming etc.


The Gps-Taxi project moved to the stage of testing and introduction.

On May 20, a meeting of developers team with the representative of taxi service "Chernivtsi" took place. During the meeting the issues of the system introduction were dicussed. The introduction is being done in several stages, including the arrangement of workplaces, software testing and staff teaching.