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Desyde Ltd took part in the competition of Chernivtsi City Council. It concerned the implementation of the system of control and management of moving objects using "GPRS navigation" on public enterprises transport. It was announced on January 22, 2010.

The hardware-software complex Desyde GPS Tracker, presented by our company, has won this competition. Now Desyde GPS Tracker will be implemented to control the city public transport, and will also have wide usage in the market of passengers carriage. That, in its turn, will make public transport more controlled, comfortable and informative for our citizens.

The main advantage of this system is that a clear control over moving objects is set, and it makes impossible to work with poor quality for the public utilities employees; as we know, control improves the quality of various services.


November 27-28, Desyde Ltd participated in an international exhibition-forum "Taxi Expo 2009" held in Utreht, Netherlands.

The leading European companies which developed projects to support the business of passenger transportation took part in this event.

Our product - "Desyde GPS Taxi" - was presented out of competition, but drew attention and even surprised the participants by a high level of performance quality, simplicity and usability for the end customer.

During the exhibition the leading specialists of Desyde LTD got to know the works presented by European companies related to the organization of taxi service work and took an active part in talks with prestigious companies. Dialogues with the representatives of Autocab - the largest company in Europe, the developer of solutions for taxi operators and carriers, as well as with the representatives of «Tom Tom» - the leader in the production of navigation systems in Europe, gave a real opportunity for experience exchanging in software development. The representatives of Equipment (equipment.nl), which produces counters, liked our development. They pointed out that the quality of the product is rather high and it is made in an accessible and informative manner.

The exhibition of such level - is a great opportunity for each company-exhibitor to demonstrate new developments, their own unique services and to get a professional assessment of their own achievements. Therefore, a company that has demonstrated specialized cars for transportation of passengers with special needs was presented at the forum. This, in its turn, is highly appreciated by the European customer. Another company has demonstrated driving terminals for use in vehicles designed for passenger transportation. Driving terminal contains pos-terminal, which can be used for payment by the card via the Internet.

Generally, our employees have got many vivid impressions from visiting the exhibition-forum "Taxi-Expo 2009" and realized the fact that Ukrainian software producer can compete with the most prestigious companies in Europe, and in some aspects, can be more attractive in terms of price and quality than European colleagues.


November 27-28, "Desyde Ltd" will participate in the international exhibition-forum  "Taxi Expo 2009" (Netherlands).

The purpose of our participation in the exhibition will be a presentation of the project "Desyde GPS Taxi", establishing ties and exchange experiences. "Taxi - Expo 2009" is the leading event for taxi services in the Benelux countries and is an annual gathering of Dutch carriers. The topics discussed recent trends and developments in this area


Desyde GPS Tracker - new product for monitoring.

The first version of the software Desyde GPS Tracker, which is designed to track moving objects. There are currently at a stage of the test system operation


August 15, 2009,  company "Desyde LTD" took part in the constituent assembly of all-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian taxi" and presented to the participants the project "Desyde GPS-Taxi".

Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian taxi" was created to address the problems of citizens engaged in business and employment, in providing services for the transportation of passengers and their baggage by taxi. Representatives of taxi services from all regions of Ukraine attended the meeting .