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Company Desyde has developed new software for online retailers of computer equipment and consumer electronics www.Block.nl (the Netherlands)

Chain stores "Block", one of the most common in the Netherlands, has 27 offices in major cities. History begins 54 years ago in Harlem. Since that time, consistently high quality service and great selection of international brands, have become a priority for the company. Therefore, the website moved high requirements for reliability and ease of use. Our staff has been completely revised site design and software.


On June 22-th, the meeting of Desyde management and the head of taxi drivers trade union in Chernivtsi region, Ukraine, took place. At this meeting the Desyde GPS Service taxi project was discussed.

The head of trade union showed great interest in this project and pointed to the actuality of this product for the modern market of transport services as well as to broad prospects for its introduction into the taxi service area of the region. During the conversation the leaders of the project got valuable information about areas of further improvement and development of the project.


In 27th of May , our company will take part in the forum at the International Exhibition of equipment, technologies and services for freight and passenger transport terminals, warehouses complexes, called - «4TERMINALS».

The purpose of participating in the forum is looking for potential clients, establishing relationships, gaining the experience in conducting the presentations of software products. Also the Desyde GPS -service "Taxi" project  (the system of automatic taxi control) will be presented there by the repesentatives of our company.


At the end of April, in  the Netherlands, a presentation of two projects - Desyde GPS - service "Taxi" (the system of automatic taxi control) and VMS (internet portal for selling cars) took place.
During the presentations of the project GPS - service "Taxi" the  constructive suggestions arose concerning the functionality of client part and the sphere of usage of this product. Dutch colleagues appreciated the level of programming and design of Ukrainian programmers. The VMS was presented for management staff and also the main achievements in the project were demonstrated.
We have received valuable recommendation as for the continuation of activity and new directions in innovative ideas development.


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