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Desyde LTD is not only a software company just as it is and tries to be developed not only in IT technologies sphere. Its field of action is rather wide and various. The partnership between Desyde LTD and Chernivtsi National University, the base of which has been set almost since the start of company work, can be the bright example of it. They have established the agreement of scientific-and-technical cooperation in contemporary IT and its applications sphere. Such collaboration does much good to all sides: either Desyde or University or students, as well as to the partners of Desyde LTD – learning and exchanging new technologies, building IT community in Chernivtsi.

Joining together and exchanging the knowledge one possesses, it is possible to gain considerable results. New technologies implementing gives the opportunity to increase the educational system with high level technologies. The first step in cooperation between Desyde and University has become the development of genetic algorithms of contemporary applied tasks solution.

Two more events connected with the cooperation between the University and Desyde took place: D&Y Academy Grant Contest as a part of D&Y Academy and the Academy itself. Both of them help people to get to know about Desyde LTD more, help students to learn technologies Desyde specializes in.

The program of D&Y Academy was a commitment between Desyde, its partners, university, students. It consists of an extensive education of the latest technologies which are used in commercial projects.