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Our software applications and methodologies help people to think, plan the working time and communicate better. Our software is similar to a coach who shows you the right direction and you find the answers which have been in your head.

The following projects have been developed by our company:

Desyde GPS Tracker

System for monitoring vehicles (download pdf file)

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Desyde GPS Service Taxi

The system is aimed to automate taxi orders processing, to automate drivers' work management, to create marketing and bookkeeper's reporting in taxi dispatcher's offices. GPS-taxi allows increasing the effectiveness of enterprise and making taxi operations transparent and quick at the most; it also allows minimizing the human factor influence.

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The system of management and accounting the parking permits distribution. It supports the whole cycle of licences distribution, starting with inquiry to the licence receiving.

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Е-shop is designed for Block.nl company (Netherlands), which sells computers and consumer electronics.

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It is a multiuser step-by-step on-line strategy, the implementation of RISK,a famous table game..

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Vehicle Management System

It is a universal internet-service for trading vehicles.

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The official site of smithy "Krushtaleva Kupel"

The official site of smithy "Krushtaleva Kupel"(www.kovka.cv.ua) is notable for elegant design and wide variety of forged things. With the help of content management system the owner of the site is able to edit content of any pages, make changes in the catalogue of products and form images galleries.

Pupil Tracking System

It's an informational system for swimming pools offices, which render service in organizing swimming courses for children. The system is intended for using by both — swimming pools employees (administration and instructors) and the clients (pupils and their parents).

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VluchtelingenWerk VolgSysteem

It is an informational system used for Dutch Refugee Council. VluchtelingenWerk VolgSysteem is intended for working groups of central locations to help refugges.

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Team Management System

The system is for employees' collective management, in particular, the team of developers. It is intended for registration and analysis of working time spent on projects fulfilment.

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